We put this thing together to get nano/micro/macro brewers interested in brewing in our space.

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The Forgotten Coast is a group of small communities facing Lake Huron and inland areas in the Thumb of Michigan. Yes, the Thumb, that remarkable appendage without which humans would not have made progress much past chimpanzees. We have been known to be quite opposable, some would say bitter. But that is where beer comes in. 

We like it and think it should be brewed here. 

With water from the Great Lakes, cool buildings to put small craft brewers in, and space to help ferment large brewers, we're a good fit for a budding craft beverage business. 

More than 'just' craft beer.

Not only do we want your beer, we want whatever other concoctions you're crafting up. This includes, but is not limited to: spirits, wine, meades, moonshine, kombucha, absinthe, sake, whatever! Whatever your flavor, we have places to incubate, test, experiment, and grow. 


Affordable locations without the competition

While we have a few brewers, wineries, and cider presses there is a huge unmet need across the area. The advantage for us is that we have a massive summer tourism market that need to have their thirst quenched with your beer, or vodka, or gin, or mead, or whisky, or sake, okay, you get the point. 


What is "The Thumb?"


Michigan's Thumb is part of the weird geography of our state. Shaped like a mitten, we live, work, play and drink in one of Michigan's most under-the-radar areas. Made up of three counties, Huron, Sanilac, and Tuscola counties, we have quaint small communities, a huge farm base, manufacturing, and a budding tourism industry AND 150 MILES of Lake Huron shoreline.

Just a couple of hours north of Detroit, the Forgotten Coast communities offer some things that our more urban neighbors can't or won't. Learn more. 


Lake Huron

One of mother nature's LARGEST fresh water supply & gifts to the human spirit.


There are a lot of people out there that think they can brew beer or distill a vodka that will kick your behind. Most of them can't. We are looking for the folks who can. Those who can make us curl our toes and swoon as we taste your inventions. Bold or subtle, bright or dark we can handle it. 

In a lot of places the costs of chasing your dreams are pretty steep. Plus, if you are in a big/er city you have to deal with the corporate overlords, bedrock, or pizza, grocery stores or pyramid schemes they all want to control their piece of earth. 

On the Forgotten Coast you can make a difference, not just be part of a corporate agenda. Be the artist you want to be. If you're already working your magic making drinkable gold, this is a chance to expand, in little steps or big jumps, we are not going to limit you. We have a place for you, a time for you to make a difference in the world by giving us beers and liquors where none were before. 

So come on up and poke around a bit, but don't wait too long, we are going to be blasting this out to the world, to all of the hidden nooks and crannies, to home brewers, to those small craft makers that that need a place to test, invent, and to grow. 

Time to get down to business.

That's deep.

Buckle Up.jpg

Buckle Up! We're taking you for a ride around our area. 

You can look at buildings, cities and villages, at our waterfront, at our laundry (that's a bit weird, but who are we to judge?) and whatever else your heart desires. 


We Want You

To quench our thirst for craft beverages!

Looking to expand your already established business? Looking to invest in a fun new lucrative business? Want to pursue that passion project you've always dreamed of? Picture yourself doing this? Make it happen on the Forgotten Coast!