Water Information

The city of Croswell is currently implementing a new well and water filtration system that will be in place in 2019. This system will allow for exponential growth of their water system demand. They will also have the ability to customize water quality to our user's need, either system wide or on site water filtration.

Currently, water is supplied to the city via municipal ground water wells. Croswell is to the future which also includes verbal arrangements to also access Lake Huron water sources as well if it is advantageous to our industry and commercial interest. 

With a motto like "Partners in Industry", Croswell has well over 100 years of advocating for and with their industries and recognizes the symbiotic relationships with their commercial and industrial friends and neighbors. The City of Croswell is staging itself to be the next great partner for agricultural processing with a passion for brewing and distilling. 

Maximum Available Capacity: 3 mgd

Current Available Capacity: 1.5 mgd

Hardness: 340 ppm

Alkalinity: n/a

Chloride: 112 ppm

Any Seasonal Swings in Mineral Content: No Seasonal Swing


Waste Water Capabilities

NPDES Permit? Yes

Diameter of Sewer in Downtown Area: 18 inches

Available Flow Capacity of the Sewer Main in the Downtown Area: 300,000 gallons/day

Available Volume Treatment Capacity of the Wastewater Treatment Plant: 300,000 gallons/day

Exiting Limits: mg/L/ppm

  • BOD: 200
  • COD: 500
  • TSS: 160
  • FOG: 31
  • TKN: 20
  • Ammonia-N: 20
  • Phosphorous: 4.3


Sewer Usage Rate = $10.77 per 1,000 gallons

Tap in Fees

  • $2,000 for 6"
  • $2,500 for 8"

Capacity or REU Charges = $2,000 / REU


Contact Information


Contact Person: Edward Carstens, Wastewater Superintendent 

Phone: (810) 546-9091



Contact Person: Samuel Moore, City Administrator/Zoning

Phone: (810) 679-2299