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Looking for something else?  We sailed the vast sea of endless facts and opinions on the internet so you don't have to. We managed to reel in some pretty interesting stuff pertaining to the craft beverage industry we thought you might find useful. Below you will find a treasure trove of craft beverage resources. Dive in! 


Definitions & Details

Craft Brewer Defined

Chart Showing All the Craft Breweries Owned by Big Beer Companies

The Importance of Defining Small and Independent 

Every Beer Style You Need To Know

MLive: Compare beer production at Michigan microbreweries and brewpubs



Everything You Need to Know to Start Homebrewing Today

How do you start a microbrewery? (With micro-steps)

Artisan Distilling : A Guide for Small Distilleries

Start a Successful Business Making Your Own Craft Beer

Improve your beer with online classes from UC Davis

You Need More Than a Great Beer to Get a Loan

Thoughts on Naming Your Beer(s)

5 Beer Menu Rules I Wish All Bars Would Follow

Brew U: The Best College Breweries in America

Best of 2018: Homebrew Brands, Brew Gear, and Retailers


Michigan brewers turning to homegrown hops

The Next Phase In Local Craft Beer: Homegrown Hops

How Brewers Are Bringing Forgotten Beers Back to Life

Craft Breweries in Colorado Brace for Less Water

MSU Extension: The evolving craft beer market and the raw material supply sector

Marketing & Advertising

Craft Beer Marketing Matures

How Storytelling Can Help Your Brewery

The Craft Breweries Tapping Artists to Turn Labels into Works of Art


Question & Answer

What equipment do I need to start a brewery/distillery?

We Asked 10 Brewers: Should I Open a Brewery?



15 IPA Recipes from Craft Breweries



The Craft Spirits Industry Is Taking Off As Drinkers Embrace Local Booze



“Build a Brewery, and They Will Come”

“Crafting a Life”

“Oldest Evidence of Beer Brewing Proves Ancient Drinking Was Spiritual”



6 Crazy Things You Never Knew About the Great Lakes

Why Rural? 

The Unbearable Sameness of Cities

Here’s Why You Should Visit The Beach Regularly, According to Science