Harbor Beach

Water Information

Maximum Available Capacity: 4 million gallons per day

Current Available Capacity: 2.75 million gallons per day

Hardness: 100 ppm

Alkalinity: 84 ppm

Chloride: 8 ppm

Any Seasonal Swings in Mineral Content: Hardness may climb to around 120, Alkalinity may climb to 90, and Chloride tends to see very little change

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Waste Water Capabilities

NPDES Permit? Yes

Diameter of Sewer in Downtown Area: N/A

Available Flow Capacity of the Sewer Main in the Downtown Area: N/A

Available Volume Treatment Capacity of the Wastewater Treatment Plant: 4,000 gallons/day, potential of up to 1,000,000 gallons/day with some modifications

Exiting Limits: mg/L/ppm

  • BOD:275 mg/L

  • COD: 550 mg/L

  • TSS: 275 mg/L

  • FOG: 100 mg/L

  • TKN: Currently not monitored or limited

  • Ammonia-N: 25 mg/L

  • Phosphorous: 8 mg/L

These limits are current to all customers, though the city does offer an industrial pretreatment program and permit users to exceed their limits. They are currently running low on capacity for pretreatment processing but have submitted to the state for funding to hopefully add additional capacity. The City of Harbor Beach is willing to accommodate most requests. 



Sewer Usage Rate = $6.38 / 1000 gallons

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Contact Information


Contact Person: Nick Roggenbuck

Phone: (989) 479-3373

Email: nickroggenbuck@yahoo.com