Water Information

Maximum Available Capacity: 1,800,000 gallons per day 

Current Available Capacity: 250,000 gallons per day

Hardness: 213 ppm

Alkalinity: unknown

Chloride: 111 ppm

Any Seasonal Swings in Mineral Content: None that they are aware of, however well #7 does have higher levels than the other 3 wells. 


Waste Water Capabilities

NPDES Permit? Yes

Diameter of Sewer in Downtown Area: 8"

Available Flow Capacity of the Sewer Main in the Downtown Area: n/a

Available Volume Treatment Capacity of the Wastewater Treatment Plant: We have a design flow of 700,000 gallons per day and are currently treating 450,000 gallons per day.

Exiting Limits: mg/L/ppm

  • BOD: 300 mg/L
  • COD: n/a mg/L
  • TSS: 300 mg/L
  • FOG: 55 mg/L
  • TKN: n/a mg/L
  • Ammonia-N: 15 mg/L
  • Phosphorous: 8 mg/L


Sewer Usage Rate = $6.30 / 1000 gallons

Tap in Fees = Actual expense +5% admin. fee or $1,500, whichever is greater

Connection Fees = Actual expense +5% admin. fee or $50, whichever is greater


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Contact Information


Contact Person: Carl J. Miller

Phone: (989) 823-7231