Which community is right for your business?


Harbor Beach

A year round lake front community with great infrastructure, progressive revitalization projects, and large industrial and service base.

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A year round lake front community bisected by a river, with progressive community projects and large employers.

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Located on the Cass River, Vassar has a vibrant downtown, rail trail, and plenty of recreational activities.

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Port Hope

A fairly seasonal community, the Port Hope population swells in the Summer & Fall to enjoy the lakeside and outdoor activities. Downtown rehab has begun with local investors creating new businesses.

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A year round city and county seat, Sandusky is one of the few local places that has already started their craft beverage culture.

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A year round community where small town charm meets large scale agriculture and green energy.

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An agricultural community, Deckerville has that “small town” feel.

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Marlette is "The Heart of the Thumb". The Marlette Community Park and Pool, District Library, Community Schools, Regional Hospital, and friendly merchants await!

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Cass City

It’s all about family and quality of life in Cass City. Enjoy the massive park & sports complex or relax by the Cass River.

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