Live the #lakelife



  1. Low cost of living

  2. Quality/pace of life for employees

  3. Low crime

  4. No traffic/easy commutes

  5. Walkable communities

  6. Outdoor activities

  7. Connection

  8. Opportunity for a self-reliant lifestyle


Low cost of living

The most affordable Michigan lakeside property is on Michigan's Forgotten Coast. Not only is property less expensive, but so are many other costs of living!


Lake Life


What is #lakelife like on the Forgotten Coast? It's more than a saying on a throw pillow. It's a way of life. For us #lakelife means rural, small town living surrounded by Lake Huron, low crime, low cost, minimal traffic, and a slower way of life focused on family and community. 


Outdoor Activities

Our area is FULL of outdoor activities... there's something for everyone! Fishing and boating have long been huge draws to the area, but of recent years, kayaking and other paddlesports are booming. Off the water, we offer many hiking, biking, and snowmobiling trails as well as a HUGE selection of parks and outdoor festivals.

Turinp Rock with Kayakers for Chamber Cover.jpg
Backus Trail Bridge small.jpg

Walk, Bike, Hike! 

Huron County has walkable communities and well-groomed trails for your walking, biking, and hiking enjoyment! Not to mention we also have over 900 miles of mountain bike friendly roads to play on! If distance isn’t your gig, many of our communities have well-designed and compact footprints making it easy to get from one place to the next on foot or two wheels. You will also discover that there are a number of designated paths and nature trails within minutes from your home or business.  


We’re not just talking about the kind of connection that gives you the warm fuzzies either. Yes, rural communities have a tendency to feel close-knit, which is great when you need a hand moving something heavy or just need a cup of sugar… do people even eat sugar anymore? Regardless, there is another type of connection we want to talk about, and that’s internet connection.

Our area has an incredible amount of fiber optic lines installed. Host to two aggressive providers, Agri-Valley Services and Air Advantage, and in many of our communities there is at least one broadband provider and often two or three. Sebewaing is the first, true, fiber to home community in the state of Michigan providing gigabit speeds to every building in the village. Our fiber providers keep building out our fiber resources so that almost anywhere you are you will have fiber.

Downtown Port Austin in the Fall - Drone Photo - Business Soil.jpg
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Self-Reliant Lifestyle

If the sh!t hits the fan, you're in a great spot. Just kidding. Well, just a little. Our area does offer some significant benefits like a massive supply of freshwater, lack of major natural disasters, good proximity to Canada, and plenty of space for you to grow your own food, but you don’t need to be a “prepper” to live here.

Really, if your desire is to have more control over your life you can. You can grow your own food, raise your own cattle, chickens, and whatever other barnyard creatures you fancy most. You can hunt and fish, and while you’re at it you can chop wood and heat your home by a wood stove (or fireplace). Heck, you can even live somewhere without a neighbor in sight. You can have the best of rural life and with a small commute still have access to everything you need to live a great life.

Then, when you need a change of pace you’re only 3 hours (or less) away from major population centers like Detroit, Ann Arbor, Bay City or Saginaw. You can still catch a Tigers game, take a walk through the DIA, or shop for those more unique items in a day’s time and still be home for dinner.